The purpose of the project is to study the opportunities and capabilities of Laser Photoacoustic Spectroscopy method in life sciences for the detection and measurement of trace gases at very low concentrations (parts per trillion by volume = 10^-12atm)using a CO2 laser. Trace gas detection techniques are non-invasive, real-time monitoring tools important for applications such as breath diagnostics, security and workplace surveillance, air-quality measurements, atmospheric monitoring.
Our study will focus on high impact modern applications for food quality such as monitoring of irradiation and toxicity, exposure at high temperatures, effects of flooding and drought, effects of freezing and growth hormone (analysis of ethylene in organic fruits and vegetables versus non-organic fruits and vegetables, as quite often artificial fertilizers replace some principal minerals), and medical diagnosis based on exhaled breath analysis. We will analyze breath air for two treatment conditions (X-ray therapy and haemodialysis) and one prevention domain as smoking (effects of electronic cigarettes versus tobacco cigarettes).
Improving the system by programming the complete software automation could lead to a very compact device which can enter into endowments of rural agricultural centers and regional treatment units, reducing important costs in terms of money and time resources




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